Woman of Vision

Woman of Vision

34 x 34 inches
Materials: cotton, cotton and rayon thread, cotton batt
Techniques: machine pieced, hand appliquéd, machine quilted

This design began with a woman’s silhouette and several overlapping circles. As I worked with these elements, the predominantly abstract design began to offer elusive representational images, many symbolic of issues of concern today. The completed quilt offers a glimpse into the troubled mind of a women and her emotional response to these concerns.

Embedded deep in the woman’s brain is the faint, hopeful image of a dove, holding the olive branch of peace. A shadowy heart shape suggests the positive human emotions of love and compassion. Green, lush foliage, fins and a whale’s tail surround the woman and represent the various species with which we share our planet and its resources. In juxtaposition to these hopeful images is a cascade of tears symbolizing sorrow that is this woman’s response to the state of the world today.

$ 3,100.00

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