Moon Dreams

Moon Dreams

© 2008 Judy B. Dales

36 x 35 inches

Cotton fabric and batt, nylon tulle, silk chiffon, poly, cotton and rayon thread

Machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted


Besides being fascinated with anything round, I am particularly obsessed with the moon. I don’t understand its phases or how it travels in the sky, but I enjoy tracking its path. I am always amazed to wake in the middle of the night and find it in a different position than it had been only a few days before, shining brightly enough to wake me from a deep sleep.

 One of my favorite memories from childhood is of the parties our family had on the shores of Caspian Lake. After supper, a bonfire was lit and we gathered around it to sing. Fortunately we had many good voices in the group because I’m sure the whole lake was our audience. The title for this piece comes from a favorite song, “Oh, Mr. Moon, silvery moon, Show me the way to go home…..!”

$ 4,400.00

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